Whoa, Baby!

We were excited to announce that Kelly Rowland an American singer, songwriter, actress, television personality and now AUTHOR released her book titled Whoa, Baby today!!! Written with her OB/GYN of more than 10 years, Dr. Tristan Bickman, the book addresses the parts of motherhood some picture-perfect social media parents might sweep under the nursery rug. Topics include tearing, incontinence and one’s post-pregnancy figure are not off the changing table for Rowland. This is a go-to guide for new mothers that feel overwhelmed or are freaked out about their pregnancy experience and will help them figure everything they don’t know out. She was inspired by her own experiences after she birthed her son Titan. She was frightened by the impact he had on her mind, body, and emotions while pregnant. She explained in an interview that no one told her what to expect while pregnant and she wants to comfort other mothers and give them proper knowledge on life after birth. Mommies as well all know birthing and raising a child is no joke, as much as we can make it look easy realistically it isn’t. We commend Kelly for letting expecting mothers and even women who plan to get pregnant in the future know the real deal about motherhood. We can’t wait for our book to arrive so we can enjoy this read!!!

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