Traveling Must-Haves for a Toddler

I don’t know about yall, but I’m ready to take some trips! We all know there is nothing like a baecation or a girls trip. It’s so necessary for us to take a break from momming and just let loose every now and then but we can’t forget about the kiddos! Traveling with the family is so important because it allows you’re family to connect on another level, enrich their young minds and create everlasting memories.

Fortunately, Saia has been able to travel since she was a baby. However, it was way easier for me to travel with her when she was younger. Now that I’m about to have a three-year-old, she has a lot of demands and of course, mommy has to satisfy all her needs especially while in the air. But mommies if you pack and plan strategically, you will be fine! I don’t know about yall, but my goal is to sleep on the plane, so I try to book a flight that is close to her nap time or late at night. But I also have a few must-haves that allow me to have a breezy trip with my favorite girl.

Wireless Headphones

What’s a flight without a good movie. I download Saia’s favorite picks on Netflix and connect her wireless headphones and she is good to go! The sound is great for the price and she loves how they light up. They are easy to use and very affordable on Amazon.

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Toilet seat covers in public restrooms are so thin and rip easily. I love how this particular brand covers the entire toilet seat and they don’t expose kids to germs or moisture. Whether I’m traveling or just on the go, these go with us everywhere!

Lightweight Stroller

Strollers have become so complicated to me. I prefer something lightweight and easy to use especially while traveling. This stroller is versatile, easy to maneuver and very affordable-you just can’t beat it!

Snack Catcher

I like to pack a variety of fruits and snacks for Saia on the plane because you never know what to expect. And what toddler doesn’t like to eat? The only thing is no matter where she goes, she always makes a mess. These cups are perfect for on the go use and definitely help eliminate mess.

Spill Proof Bottle Top CoverĀ 

Saia loves being independent and drinking out of water bottles. However, my nerves were always bad because I didn’t want to deal with spills, especially when we’re on the move. These tops can fit any size bottle and help eliminate spills which is so convenient!

I love finding out about new products that make momming easier. Feel free to share your traveling must-haves for your toddler with me on Instagram. Until next time Modish Mommies!