The Power of Time Off

It’s been awhile, Modish Mommies! Motherhood has been keeping me on my toes and I’ve honestly been in a funk. Modish Mommies was created while I was pregnant because I couldn’t relate to any mom blogs, so my cousin and I created a mom platform geared towards moms of color. After a while, we decided to host events that focused on inspiring moms to become entrepreneurs and provided them with resourceful tools.  But over the course of time, I lost the excitement that I once had when we first started and that’s because blogging wasn’t a priority for me. I was so focused on making money for the business, I forgot about what really mattered and that is blogging.

All I want to do is share my journey through motherhood, provide moms with valuable resources and connect with some badass moms across the world. I never in my life thought blogging would be my passion because I used to be horrible at writing, but the feeling I get when I write now is indescribable. Now that I have taken a break and refocused, I’m back and I’m better. I’ve never been a quitter-never have and I never will but a break was necessary for me to determine where I was going next in life. And when I say break I’m talking about taking some time off! Society and especially social media will have you apply pressure on yourself, that you don’t even need and a lot of us don’t even realize it. Whether you are a mother, wife, entrepreneur, a student we all have one thing in common-we are humans and it’s important for every human to take a break when necessary. Instead of burning yourself out pay attention to your mind, body, and soul!

As a creative time off allows me to develop my best ideas, inspires me to keep pushing towards my goals and simply get a piece of mind. A couple of years back, I had training at work and the instructor asked everyone what do they do for self-care? And I stated that I take a trip once a month whether it’s far away or local, I’m was getting away from home and my normal routine. Everyone in the class looked at me like I was crazy because it seemed unrealistic but it’s not, people just aren’t used to putting themselves first and are scared to admit that they need a break from life. After I had Saia, of course, things changed and it became harder for me to take trips like I used to. As time went on, I found myself staying to myself more than usual, waking up dreading my day and unfocused! I was so focused on creating a successful business, my full-time job and being a mom, I forgot about the most important thing, which is my well-being.

During my recent break, I was able to bond more with Saia and her dad because I spent a lot of time on my phone due to my job demands. I created goals for myself that would challenge me to the fullest and I’m already crushing them. Plus, I was able to create a business for Saia and determine the next path for Modish Mommies. Now I feel renewed and ready to tackle anything that comes my way, whether it’s good or bad. I’m here to remind you today, that you don’t have to feel bad for taking time off because you deserve it. If you can’t afford a trip, that’s still not an excuse- schedule me-time or take a personal day from work and reap the benefits of a break. You only have one life to live, so take care of yourself and live it to the fullest!