The New Approach: Disciplining a Toddler

I really didn’t believe the hype when people told me that your child becomes a new person when they turn two. Welp, they were right because my sweet innocent baby is sweet but can be a bit sour at times! In the African American community when it comes to discipline our elders did not play. But now times surely have changed and a lot of parents I know have switched their approach when it comes to disciplining their child-including myself recently.

I was inspired to write this post because one day I picked Saia up from daycare and went straight to the grocery store to grab a few items before we went home. Before I could start picking up my first item, she had a terrible temper tantrum. She literally screamed to the top of her lungs, cried and kicked- you name it she did it that day. I was so embarrassed that I was just going to leave but I needed to get this store run out the way. Instantly, I wanted to spank her but I realized I was in public and I didn’t want to deal with the extraness that it comes with.

When we got to the car, I decided to take a different approach- so I didn’t yell or spank her (surprisingly). I made her look me in my eyes and in a stern manner, I let her know that her behavior was unacceptable and that there are consequences when she acts in that manner. When we got home she went to time away and I removed the Ipad from her toy box for the rest of the evening. After that we were good and I haven’t experienced a moment like that again but trust she still has her moments. I realized that since that day I haven’t taken Saia to the store until recently.

Before we went to the store this time, I decided to stop home to let her use the pot pot, get her cup and grab her favorite snack. I had a talk with her and let her know what we were about to do so we could be on the same page.  Instead of crying she talked to everyone, ate her snack and helped me pick out the items I needed. I used the time to practice her colors, learn her fruits and vegetables, etc. As a parent, we should expect good and bad days but sometimes our kids can take things to another level. However, it is our duty to understand our child’s needs/wants and make the best of every situation we face with them no matter what.

Now I have a strategic approach to everything I do when it comes to parenting. Although we are accustomed to the norm when it comes to our upbringing, it’s ok to do things differently than our parents. Maybe our approach will be better or even worse-but how will we know if we don’t try or make changes? Modish Mommies, tell me about your approach when it comes to disciplining your child and the impact it’s had on your family. I’m sure we can all take some advice when it comes to this, remember it takes a village!