The Benefits of Becoming a Kidpreneur

I come from a family full of educators and I was blessed to be around the HBCU experience at an early age. My grandfather was a band director at Grambling State University (GSU), so my love for the band and HBCUs is real! But as I got older, I was worried more about turning up than my education. I was a work in progress and didn’t give my all as I should have in high school. My family, of course, wanted me to continue the legacy at GSU, but I was so in love and wanted to stay close to home, so I went to Virginia State University. Although I ended up single mid-semester, I had the best four years of my life at VSU! During my senior year of college, I just knew I would graduate, get a government job and live my best life. But it didn’t work out that way. I ended up job hopping until I got into the government, but even when I got in I still wasn’t satisfied because I wasn’t living in my purpose. Unfortunately, I’m still here but I’m working my hardest to become a full-time entrepreneur every day and I can feel it’s going to happen very soon!

Life after college ended up being way different than I thought. I felt like the salaries were insulting especially with all the student loan debt I have, and the workforce was not all that it was cracked up to be. But my mindset really changed after I had Saia because I realized that the workforce in the U.S. isn’t built realistically for mothers, but that’s a whole different conversation. Becoming a mother motivated me to go hard for what I want and to live freely so I can enjoy Saia’s precious moments in life. The fact that someone must approve my leave for me to go on vacation just doesn’t sit well with me. Although entrepreneurship isn’t a walk in a park I love it and I want to instill a business mindset in my daughter now, so she won’t have the same worries as me. Saia loves fashion and accessories, so we decided to start a kid’s accessories line called Saia & Co. which will be launching very soon. There are so many benefits that she has experienced since starting her business.

Respect for Money

Until kids start managing money, they don’t realize how quick money comes and goes. Becoming a kidpreneur has allowed her to learn how to manage her business costs. Since she is younger I have her help with adding up start-up costs and determining our projected return of investment. My goal is to raise my daughter to be self-reliant and most importantly always bet on herself!

Enhances Creative Thinking

The best part about starting Saia’s business is that I get to witness how dope and creative she really is. She has been very hands-on with product looks and the vision she wants for her photo shoots and branding. She even takes pictures of the products, of course with my help but this whole line is inspired by her creative little mind!

Creates a Stronger Parent-Child Bond

My daughter is a daddy’s girl but the love we have for each other is unmeasurable. However, starting a business has allowed us to create a stronger bond because we are together more than ever now. It’s been such a fun experience and we have learned new things about each other throughout this process. Even if it’s not business related, she always wants to go with me now, which really makes my heart warm inside.

Develops Work Ethic

Let’s just say my girl, is ready to put in work. Since our weekdays are hectic, we focus on Saia & Co on the weekends. Being so hands on, she is already able to see the value of her business and has a developed a strong work ethic. She isn’t afraid to tell people about her business, make promo videos and assist mommy which is dope for a three-year-old.

Gains Experience

Whether she continues to pursue this business in the long run or not she will have experience. Unlike most kids her age, she will know what it’s like to fail and overcome obstacles. She will develop hands-on experience and skills that will set her up for a bright future no matter where her path leads her in life.

I wish I had the drive to maintain a business at such a young age like Saia. Our children are the future and we don’t have to wait until they are older for them to be their own boss. It’s not about the money it’s all about doing what you love in life. Be sure to follow her journey on Instagram @saiaandco!