Show up for Yourself

I was always taught to show love and support people even strangers from a young age. I’m the friend that you don’t have to ask to support you because I already got you. It truly brings me joy to see others succeed, especially my people of color. After, I started Modish Mommies I began to realize that all the love wasn’t being reciprocated, but I never let it get to me. It wasn’t until we had our first event and I had high expectations that people from around the way, my friends, sorors, etc. would come to our event and we would due numbers. The ticket sales came in but not as I wanted them to, I started to think everyone was against me. Instead of celebrating the small wins, I was focused on the wrong things. That’s when I realized I was showing up for everyone but my damn self! From there, I stopped putting my expectations on other people and I have never been let down since!

As women, we have to be careful because it ‘s very easy for us to get stuck in our own heads, which can ultimately hinder our success. To show up for yourself, you should believe in yourself, stay positive, be physically and emotionally in tune with yourself and never give up, even on your worst day! When you realize that life is not about the sprint it’s about the marathon, your perspective in every aspect of your life will change for the better, trust me!

Have you noticed, as you get older you and your friends experience different levels of life? Some of us go to college, become entrepreneurs, work 9-5s, the list goes on. However, we have to accept that it’s ok for us to be at different levels in life and show love and support no matter what level we are on. Now when God tells you it’s your time to level up, you better not hesitate. Each level in life is an opportunity for you to learn but most importantly grow. You have to appreciate where you are in life and enjoy every level that you are able to experience.

I know it’s easier said than done and trust me I’ve had my share of moments when I don’t have the energy to care, be nice or give things my all but that’s life. But one thing for sure is, I never gave up and have been staying consistent with pursuing my goals despite the obstacles and haters have to say. I know it can be challenging to stay focused, especially being a mom that wears many titles but it’s time for you to show up and show out!

Below are five tips that have allowed me to continue to show up for myself and make me feel good while doing so:

  • Wake up and be intentional.
  • Don’t allow any negative energy or thoughts to consume your mind and remove any negative people from your life if you have to!
  • Vow to love yourself.
  • Meditate.
  • Self-reflect and journal your thoughts and feelings.

Until next time Modish Mommies, feel free to comment and tell me how you show up for yourself or plan to in the future!