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Yesterday Modish Mommies got the opportunity to attend the Projecht Bloggers Bungalow at Nisey’s Boutique. The event had an intimate setting for industry professionals to converse, shop, sip and interview Mukami Kinoti Kimotho the creator of Royelles avatars (because they really are more than dolls). As I entered the venue, Mukami’s spirit was like a breath of fresh air and I was able to connect with her instantly. She was poised and carried herself with confidence and dignity while grasping the crowd’s attention with her superior and heartfelt voice. Leaving me eager to learn more about her and the new creative avatar designs she has embarked upon.

The Vision Behind Royelles

Children of color encounter identity issues on a consistent basis due to the lack of diversity within our society. As we all know the toy industry does not represent multi-cultural children enough or if they do they really don’t represent who they really are or look like. Mukami’ decided to create Royelles avatars because her daughter felt that she wasn’t pretty enough because she didn’t look like her friends. After connecting with other moms, she realized that she wasn’t the only parent who was going through something like this with their child, so Mukami decided to make a change and created Royelles avatars.

About Royelles

Attendees got to see the Royelles up close and personal and all I have to say this shit is for us (in my Solange voice). Each and every avatar was designed to represent a woman or child of our culture. From the hair to their outfits and even their hips, Mukami created true multi cultural beauty for our youth and even adults to embrace. The avatars varied by age and they all had a story behind them. Society fails to realize how virtuous, educated and successful black women and our people really are. Through these avatars our little ones will be able to feel valued, gain confidence and most importantly learn that they can be anything they want to be no matter the color of their skin or texture of their hair. The Royelles avatars reflect our royal legacy, our true heritage, our roots and our culture to the fullest.

How You Can Help

In order to produce the Royelles avatars, Mukami needs help reaching her goal on Kickstarter. Let’s get together and support this great movement and give our little ones something that they will truly enjoy.In addition to the avatars, Mukami also plans to impact our children through various technological components. To learn more and donate click here, the campaign ends on August 31st.

Closing Remarks

Being around like minded and supportive women always brings joy to my soul especially when the room is full of color. It’s events like Projecht Bloggers Bungalow that brings like minded women together to create greatness and make an impact within our community. In order for women of color to truly be successful, we must utilize our resources and most importantly empower and motivate one another. Nobody can look out for us more than US! I want to thank Patrice the Creative Director of  Projecht Event Design & Management for acknowledging the DC talent and putting together an amazing event. I also want to show love to Niecy’s Boutique, the shop was full of must have accessories and dope clothing pieces if you haven’t already please check her out! Stay tuned for my full interview with Mukai Kinoti Kimotho!

Until next time Modish Mommies!


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2 Discussion to this post

  1. Mukami says:

    Thank you for the amazing conversation and for being to open to our stories!! It was such an honor to sit down with you, Sinead and Shante!
    While the dream, as your know, is so much bigger than us – I’m confident that with the support of the amazing Modish Mommies community, we WILL meet our Kickstarter goal and bring the Royelles experience to all our brown and black girls.
    And thank you for answering the call! With Kickstarter being an all-or-nothing process – its going to take every single one of us taking a stand for our girls. Thank you for supporting our campaign with as little as $1 to help us accelerate production of the Royelles avatars. And know that my daughter Zara and I are deeply grateful to have you in our corner.

    Sincerely yours,

  2. nisey baylor says:

    It was a pleasure meeting your beautiful Spirit & Smile Modish Mommies! Like you said they are MORE than DOLLS! We must put a million OR more of these playable collectible Avatars (Dolls in everyone’s Hands! Not just the young but every home! This Avatar needs to be in the African American Museum! Mukami who I also just met comes with the spirit of LOVE! PROJECT Event Design & Management (Patrice McNeil) keeps hitting Us with the Best! Let’s pull this together and support now only Mukami but our selves!

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