Potty Training Woes

I’ll admit it, potty training my daughter hasn’t been an easy process. Some days are better than others but I cringe when other moms talk about their child using the pot pot because I’m honestly over the process. So I’ve decided to take a step back and really create a plan that should make this process easier for the both of us. If you are a feeling the potty training woes like me, just know that you are not alone and we can do this together!

  1. I just got straight to the point with Saia and forgot to tell her why we are even starting the potty training process. Sit down with your child and make sure they understand what potty training is and why they are being taught to do it.
  2. Make it FUN-There are so many books and toys that will make potty training more engaging for you and your child.
  3. BE CONSISTENT- My major downfall the first go-round was ME not being consistent. Try putting your child on the pot every time you go. Create a schedule so you both can get accustomed to the process.
  4. CHEER THEM ON- Every time they use it dance, shout or sing but most importantly let your child know you are proud!
  5. BE PATIENT-Sometimes they will tell you they have to use it and do nothing or used it already. Acknowledge that they tried and they are getting closer to conquering the potty. Don’t get frustrated when it doesn’t go as planned-remain patient.

Mommies keep in mind that this process will be different for us all-some will have it easier than others. But embrace the moments with your child and remember that you both are in it together and success is the ultimate GOAL! Good luck and don’t forget to keep me posted on your journey!