Mompreneur Inspiration

Unfortunately, many of our seasoned loved ones didn’t have the opportunity to live their true destiny because society wouldn’t let women be great during their prime time. Due to cultural norms, women back in the day were confined to gender roles which meant they had to take care of their family and home while the man of the house worked. I’ll never forget when I asked my grandmother how old she was when she got married and she said 16. My first thought was who the hell is thinking about getting married at the age? But she told me her mother pressured her into marrying my grandfather because he was educated, had a good job and most importantly he would take care of her. For that reason, she motivated me to be independent and live life without any limits!!

Over time the traditional household and most importantly the role of women have changed! If society hasn’t realized by now that WOMEN are on the rise then we have a problem! Women, in particular, are showing society that you can build a career or business without sacrificing being an amazing mother! And if entrepreneurship is not for you that’s OK just make sure you don’t sell yourself short especially in the corporate world. Because women deserve higher pay, equality, work/life balance, respect and post importantly A SEAT AT THE TABLE! Nonetheless, being a momtrepreneur allows you to be your own boss, create your own schedule, work where you want, work for what you believe in and so much more. Although it has its perks it won’t be a walk in a park and you will have to make sacrifices along the way like cutting out time from your social life, hobbies, friends, traveling, etc. in order to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. But trust me whichever path you choose along with hard work, dedication, and spiritual guidance success has no choice but to come your way!  If you need some inspiration check out some of my favorite momtrepreneurs below:

If you need some inspiration check out some of my favorite momtrepreneurs below:

  1. Michele Thornton Ghee @stratechic
  2. Valeisha Butterfield-Jones @valeisha
  3. Melanie Marie @melrwhite
  4. Meika Reese @miekajoi
  5. Draya Michele @drayamichele