Mompreneur Spotlight: Once Upon a Table DC

Don’t you hate when you see an idea executed that you know you could’ve slayed if you got your hands on it?, well Connie Sun did and she is ready to produce top-notch events! Connie has allowed her taste of style to influence herself to become an event planner! When you have an eye for fashion and it’s trends, I like to say you have a creative eye and can definitely step outside the box when it comes to your hustle. Connie has recently launched her new event planning business Once Upon A Table DC in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Learn more about this modish mommy and her business in our interview below!

Modish Mommies: How did you get involved with event planning?

Connie Sun: I got involved with event planning with my own fashion sense. I have a thing for fashion and trends. From there, I became intrigued with events and planning parties. I also turn to social media a lot and when I see a party, I always talk to myself, like “hmmm, I would do this differently and add that and a sprinkle of BOOM!” lol. Next thing you know, I just planned a whole imaginary party in my head.

MM: What inspired you to become a mompreneur?

CS: KIDS! Every kid deserves a party. We are always celebrating our kids. From gender reveals, to baby showers, to 1st birthdays, to sweet 16’s, to high school graduations and so much more. We are always celebrating a milestone or an accomplishment. They are our motivation, so why not make them our inspiration?!

MM: How has as motherhood influenced your career?

CS: Being a mother, you always want the best for your children. That means give the best, even if you don’t have the best. And they will appreciate you knowing you put your best into it. (Eventually lol)

MM: Has your experience running Once Upon a Table been different from what you expected?

CS: Right now, I turned the experience into another tool to connect with my child. More craft shopping trips, more hands-on art sessions at home, more time to just vibe with my kid, there’s nothing better! Also, I have never received so much positive feedback especially from someone who is so new to the game. The motivation to keep going is definitely there!

MM: What would you say to a client that doesn’t think an event planner is important to fit into their budget?

CS: I used to be that struggling single mom who was trying their very best to make things work. Why would I ever bestow that financial stress on another mom? It’s so hard to find an event planner who is budget friendly. But you have to look at it from a different perspective. To some people, this may be their only source of income. That’s why I work with my clients especially those on a strict budget. Even if you don’t book with me, I will always give advice on which way to go.

MM: What are your favorite event trends of this year?

CS: My favorite event trends are unicorns. You can go very far with that trend and it’s so easy!

MM: What tip(s) do you have for moms planning an event for their child?

CS: Tips? Hmmm… always go by what your kid likes. That and always bargain hunt. Best thing EVER! Make your own decorations. Let those creative juices flow…

MM: What advice would you give a mompreneur that is starting their business in event planning?

CS: Go for it. If you don’t pursue your business now, you will never get around to it. A dream will never become reality if you don’t take that first step. Make sure you’re always writing down your ideas and plans. Never let anything sit in your head for too long.

MM: How can our readers connect with you?

CS: They can definitely connect through social media platforms

Facebook: Once Upon A Table DC

Instagram: @onceuponatabledc


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