Mompreneur Spotlight: Toya Styles

Did your style change after becoming a mom? If your answer is yes then this interview is for you! After becoming a mom many women become best friends with loose shirts, leggings, and messy buns! Because the last thing some moms can think about is what they should wear. However, I find it important to never loose your peace of mind and most importantly your sense of fashion just because you are a mom! Although it might be easy to some of us, a lot of moms face this challenge! We had the pleasure of interviewing Toya Styles from the UK who is a mom, stylist, author, blogger and so much more! Learn how to keep up with current trends all while cultivating your own style that works best for your body type. Check out the interview below!

Modish Mommies: At what age did you start becoming intrigued with fashion?

Toya Styles: I think I was around 9 or 10. I had been doing ballet and modeling in Baltimore for a couple of years which was a huge influence. So much so that I was begging my grandmother to take me to Joanne Fabrics so I could make my own dresses.

MM: What led you to entrepreneurship?

TS: I grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. My pop-pop had a moving company, my grandma became a travel agent when she retired, and my uncle has his own tractor-trailer company. Once I got out of the military and finished school it was the natural choice for me. As a military spouse, it is hard to start and stay with a company for a long period of time due to consistently moving so being your own boss comes in handy.

MM: How do you stay updated on current trends?

TS: I’m a bit of a rebel and I use street style as a guide. I like to go into London and just look at what people are wearing. I also go to different events and people watch.

MM: When it comes to being a mother, how do you balance full-time work in the fashion industry?

TS: My husband is a tremendous help and I use my time wisely. When I am with my family that is where my head is. When I am working on a job or behind the scenes of a show that has all my attention. I take my daughter to model training’s and castings so she sees what I am doing when I’m not with her. I do put the needs of my family first because that is most important. If that means one less job then so be it.

MM: How can one cultivate their own personal style?

TS: Know your body type and dress it. I swear it is not as hard as it seems, the hardest part is getting started.

MM: What inspired you to write Stylish Mom: A Moms Guide to Everyday Style?

TS: A model friend of mine called me after having her first child and asked “how do you wear heels with kids?” after an hour conversation, she told me to write a book for all the moms who couldn’t ring me up.

MM: Has motherhood given you a different perspective on your career field?

TS: Yes, absolutely! I value all the stylists out there and how they go about it but my road was completely different. I couldn’t do much “time-for” jobs, which made me super selective in the jobs I took, it made me really study my craft and go to school for both my BA in Marketing and my MBA. I had to be very strategic in planning all paid and unpaid jobs. I had to ask myself “is this worth being away from my family?” with every job I took. This made my journey longer than others who are single with no kids but I do not regret my choices.

MM: What advice would you give millennial moms that are trying to pursue the fashion industry?

TS: There are many creatives in the fashion industry, be the one who knows not just fashion but the business side of the house.

MM: What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself taking your styling career?

TS: I am currently working on a couple projects but I am branching out into public speaking and writing more books!

 MM: How can our readers connect with you?


I am on all social media as Toya Styles.!