Mompreneur Spotlight – Sweetz By G

If you are ever in New York, planning an event or just simply craving something sweet to eat, contact Sweetz By G. Georgia Forbes, a self- made baker who creates custom cakes and treats for just about any occasion. Birthdays, Weddings, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Funerals – YOU Name It! Her product line is extensive; she does not just cover custom cakes. Georgia also does cake pops, cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, flavored mousse and many more delicious treats (check out her website for her full line of services and products).  In addition to her delicious treats, Forbes can also transform your event from being “eh” to “AMAZING”. She offers decorating services that will “WOW” all of your guests. Forbes prides herself on making her customers’ dreams a reality.

Alongside her business, she is also a mother of two and works full-time. Amazing, right?! This week we sat down with her to talk about life as a Momtrepreneur and to find out if she can give us the winning formula on how to manage being a mom, running her own business and maintaining a full-time job.

Modish Mommies: Tell us about yourself and your company Sweetz By G?

Georgia Forbes: “My name is Georgia, I am a mother of two. My company is home based and it started off with the idea of me loving cakes. I am self-taught. YouTube is my best friend. My company started off with cupcakes, cake pops and things of that nature. I then ventured out and began practicing on dummy cakes. I have always been obsessed with the idea of presentation. I think when something looks good, it also tastes good. That is what motivated me to come out of my comfort zone and try cakes. It was history from there on.”

MM: How long have you been baking?

GF: “I have been baking since I was five. When I was younger my dream was to be a professional chef. I have always had a love for food and design. Sweetz By G has been around since 2014,  during my pregnancy with my second child. At first it started out as a hobby, which then birthed Sweetz By G.”

MM: What ignited the spark in you to start Sweetz By G?

GF: “The more I did it the more I realized the passion I had for it. The more I did it, the more I taught myself, which excited me to do more.”

MM: As a momtrepreneur, what is your best survival tip when trying to juggle both your business AND your kids?

GF: “My best survival tip is to look to your kids. Use them as motivation to drive you to where you want to be.  Know that you cannot give up.”

MM: Did you have a business plan when you started your company or was it learn as you go?

GF: “It was very much learn as you go. Even though I have an extensive background in Business, I changed things as I went. It was truly a learning experience. I will forever remain a student.

MM: How did you build up your clientele and how do you market yourself now?”

GF: “It started off with family and friends, then my business started spreading through word of mouth. Social Media also happens to be my best friend and I hash tag everything.”

MM: What has been your most satisfying moment in your business?

GF: “The most satisfying moment happens whenever I take on a challenging cake that I believe I cannot do, and I amazingly finish it. Challenging myself and seeing the end result is what keeps me going.”

MM: What did you learn from your biggest failure as a momtrepreneur?

GF: “The lesson of balance. Learning that you have to coordinate time and balance to make everything work.”

MM: Where do you see yourself and your business in 10 years? 20 years?

GF: “I see myself with an amazing sit-in bakery that creates “the experience”. I want to own a bakery where my customers can sit down and enjoy their treats after their purchase.”

Personal Recommendation

As a customer of Sweetz By G, I can attest to her work. Georgia designed and catered the dessert section of my baby shower and it came out fabulous. She went above and beyond my expectations, with aesthetics and taste. Unfortunately, because I was very busy that day I was not able to taste all of the treats that she had on display, but my guests were in love by the end of the night. Some even asked for her contact information. I recommend Georgia for your event needs and sweet treats.


Here are some pictures of her work at my Baby Shower:


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