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Samantha Halle is more than a pretty face she is the epitome of a queen that is gearing up to claim her throne. She shares her creative abilities through poetry, her life experiences through blogging and her hair/beauty knowledge through her YouTube channel. As a student, single mother, and momtreprenuer Samantha Halle really has it going on. Learn what inspired this queen to become a mom boss and how her daughter inspired her to become spiritually in tune with herself plus more below:

Modish Mommies: Tell our readers about who Samantha Halle is.

Samantha Halle: My name is Samantha Thompson but my blogger name is Samantha Halle, which is my middle name– nothing special. I was raised in Upper Marlboro, MD and I moved to Georgia about four years ago. When I got to Georgia I found out I was pregnant and told myself that it’s time for me to buckle down. From there I hit the pavement and starting running. So I got back in school because I was the girl who didn’t go to college straight out of high school. I went and found myself and all that good stuff before going. I also started writing again, writing normally happens when something like a catastrophe happens in your life. My inspiration was heartbreak which encouraged me to write about my experience through that time. I figured out that writing was what I loved to do, so now I’m going to school for Mass Communications with a minor in English and Africana Studies. I have a three year old daughter whose name is Mason; she is actually three going on 36.

MM: How has your daughter influenced your way of life?

SH: Wow! She has made me more patient, healthier and more cautious in general. Before I had her I was young and believed that I could do whatever I wanted to do, I was very selfish with my life. When I had her she gave me a reason to do better instead of self-motivation. When you have your first kid you experience a love like no other. I tell people who are pregnant or who don’t have kids that they will never understand until they have their own child. That love is crazy OMG and it also influenced me spiritually as well.

MM: What challenges do you face as a single mother and what advice would you give to others?

SH: You have to be super woman and get everything done no matter what. If you can’t get it done then it won’t get done but of course that is never an option. So having to be super woman can be a good or a bad thing but you have to be it. I encourage all single mothers to never give up because there is always a way! You have a child now and they are always going to be looking to you to get it done and you have no excuse not to. At the end of the day you want them to have that passion just like you do, so you can’t give up!

MM: How do you balance being a student and single mother?

SH: It is hard, a lot of sleepless nights! I lack sleep but coffee and vitamins are my best friends. I go to school during the day and I try to leave time in-between my classes to get my school work done. So when I get home I can make dinner, I can give Mason a bath and I can put her to sleep. Normally after I put her to sleep, I take a little nap with her and then wake up to get more work done. I dedicate the weekends to my daughter and things that she has to do. But mostly it’s just time management, I have a planner and it’s so jammed packed with stuff but it helps!

MM: What influenced you to develop hair, body and face products?

SH: So I’m natural and when you go natural you go through a product junkie phase where you are trying all these products to find out which one works best for your hair and everything. Some things just didn’t work well for me, I would read the label and not like certain products on it and a lot of stuff would mess up my scalp because it’s super sensitive. One day I decided to do my research and figure out what’s in these products and determine if I can just go ahead and try to make them myself. Why should I spend all this money if I can make a batch that could last like six months? I created six products and I just used them for my daughter and I. Then one day at church somebody asked me what was I using on my face and hair and told them I made my own stuff. They asked if I could bring them some samples and she loved it. She told me I needed to sale them and I honestly never thought about selling the products because I didn’t think they were that great but after that I decided to go through with it.

MM: What do you want followers to gain from your YouTube channel and blog?

SH: My YouTube channel is about my spirituality and hair journey. I want my followers from my blog to learn about just knowing that there is a silver lining at the end of every gray cloud. I am very transparent in what I write about and about myself. One of my favorite pieces is “I Cried on my 25th Birthday”. I talk about how I wasn’t where I wanted to be when I was 25 and how I cried really hard because I was upset with myself. I was looking at everyone else around me and they were more successful than me and it really brought me down. In return it was motivation for me to make goals for myself and not give up! So I want women and young girls to read my blog and understand that we go through the same things and if I can get through it so can they.

MM: What does “being creative” mean to you?

SH: Being creative means being innovative! Taking something that has already been made and making it something special. It doesn’t have to be special to someone else it can be special to only you.  Taking something very raw and making it spectacular. Creativity is really what you make it!

MM: What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever created?

SH: My grandmother passed last year in November. I was living with her when I first came to Georgia and before I got my apartment I saw this piece on Pinterest that I really wanted. It was a floral wall backdrop that had ribbons on it and on each ribbon there were flowers. I was like Grammy I really want that and she was like let’s make it. So we went to Michaels and found a little birch tree branch and we put all these ribbons and flowers on the birch tree branch. It’s my favorite and what makes even crazier is two weeks after I moved out she passed away. It was almost like she waited until I got out of the house and knew me and my little girl were going to be ok.

MM: Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

SH: One of my dreams is to be an inspirational speaker. I want to travel the world and speak out to women with food and wine around. I will be on the stage and have my microphone and we are all just talking. We are talking about problems and I am giving them my little gems in life and enlightening these women. I also always wanted to sing but I’m too shy.


If you can’t get enough of Samantha Halle, her is how to find her!


Instagram: @Samantha_halle

Twitter: @Itsmysilvrlinig

Facebook:  Samantha_halle

Snapchat: @Halle_rabbit


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