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Tired of hearing, “What’s for dinner?” Let’s Be Chefs can help! Let’s Be Chefs is an app-based service that makes it easier to get dinner on the table. They make it easy to find new recipes that you’ll like, plan your dinners for the week, grocery shop, and cook. Their goal is to help you with as many of the repetitive tasks having to do with meal planning and cooking as possible. Suzanne Hayen, the Co-Owner of Let’s Be Chefs turned an obstacle that many mothers face into a business. Find out more about Let’s Be Chefs and what motivated Suzanne Hayen to create a business to make mom’s lives easier below!

Modish Mommies: How did the idea of Let’s Be Chefs come about?

Suzanne Hayen: Let’s Be Chefs started through my own personal need to serve relatively healthy and home coked meals. When my son turned one we decided to really start cooking a lot more at home and I struggled with meal planning because it was so time consuming and to took so much effort. I knew there had to be a better solution for that problem, which is Let’s Be Chefs.

MM: What was your mission at the outset?

SH: We want to provide an extremely useful product that is really easy to use, very helpful and has a lot of value to it. We want Let’s Be Chefs to be the most obvious choice as far as meal planning solutions goes.

MM: What service(s) do you offer?

SH: Let’s Be Chefs is a personalized meal planning app that takes most of the hard work out of getting dinner on the table. Our app includes a built in grocery list where users can easily add ingredients and their own items to the list. They have the ability to see weekly personalized menus, get notifications when it’s time to start cooking and a lot more!! We are actually a subscription service and users can download the app on IOS or Android. We offer a free 30 day trial and then its $6.99 a month after that.

MM: What is unique about your business?

SH: We differ because we offer personalized meal plans rather than just generic ones. One of the most time consuming parts about meal planning is actually finding the recipes that you like. We use a special algorithm that learns your likes and dislikes based on how you rate past recipes. We will then be able to match recipes centered around your meal preferences. We figured that since no two people are alike, why should customers get the same meal plan. For those who have allergies, as you rate recipes we will learn that you don’t like shell fish and stop giving it to you in the future. For example, if you rate a recipe with shell fish with a one each time we will then learn that you don’t like shell fish. We are currently working on a feature where customers will have the ability to filter out ingredients and allergies from the beginning.

MM: What is your favorite cuisine that you offer?

SH: I really like Mexican food and our beef tacos is one of my favorite recipes.

MM: How has being a momtrepreneur affected your family life?

SH: It forced me to be very efficient with my time and prioritize. Obviously we are keeping very busy these days and have to keep a tight schedule in order for everything to get done on time.

MM: If you had one piece of advice to give a momtrepreneur just starting out, what would it be?

SH: It’s kind of cliché but I would say find something that you enjoy doing! If you can turn a hobby into a business that would be great, but there are highs and lows with every business. But if you love what you are doing and you really believe in it then the lows aren’t so bad!

MM: If readers want to learn more about Let’s Be Chefs where can they go?

SH: The website is the best place to go and has the links to the IOS and Android stores. We also have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Be on the lookout for special recipe features from Let’s Be Chefs!

Check out Let’s Be Chefs Below:

Let’s Be Chefs Website – Let’s Be Chefs Facebook – Let’s Be Chefs Twitter 

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