The prices of child care in America are unrealistic these days especially if you are looking for quality care. Some parents don’t have the luxury of having grandma watch the baby while they go to work. I’ve witnessed people have to put their child in a daycare and struggle to make payments or worry about the environment that their child is in. But that is where Kids Professional Providers comes to the rescue!! They provide quality childcare 24/7 at an affordable rate. The owner Chakera Murchison is a mom of two who understands the struggle of finding an excellent childcare environment for your child. With extensive knowledge and experience in early childhood development, Chakera took action to help relieve parents burden of child care. In our interview below, learn more about the amazing services that Kids Professional Providers offers and how Chakera balances motherhood as a new business owner, plus more!

Modish Mommies: What inspired you to turn your dream into a reality?

Chakera Murchison: I was inspired to turn my dream into a reality to help parents within our community. It’s difficult for working parents to find someone reliable and trustworthy to watch their children after “traditional” childcare hours (Monday – Friday 7:00 am-6:30 pm). That is where we come in to help. Kids Professional Providers offer parents childcare all day every day at an affordable rate in the comfort of their own home.

MM: What services does Kids Professional Providers offer?

CM: In addition, to our affordable childcare, we offer a Kiddie Kab (child transportation) to and from school/camp and to any other activities they are registered for, private Spanish lessons, and field trips.

MM: How does your company measure the quality of child care services?

CM: We measure the quality of childcare services starting with our professional providers. Our hiring process is intense to ensure that our providers meet state qualifications. We run background checks to safeguard our little ones that we look after and our drivers have cleared driving records. Our providers are required to have over five years of experience working with children in a licensed facility. Kids Professional Providers makes sure our providers have annual training to keep up with health and safety regulations and new studies found in the childcare field.  When our professional providers come to our customers’ homes we prepare activities based on their child’s specific needs and likes. We are dedicated to enhancing every child’s environment and creating a play based atmosphere as children thrive during play! We believe if the childcare providers are highly trained and children are learning in a play-based environment children will be successful!

MM: What are the top five skills that a child care provider should have in order to be successful?


  • Highly Trained
  • Communication Skills
  • Imagination
  • Adaptability
  • Patience

MM: What sacrifices have you made to become a momtrepreneur?

CM: The sacrifices I have is dedicating a lot of time to build a business which is the personal time that could be spent with my children. Finding a balance between home life, work life, and business can be challenging.

MM: What is the most rewarding part about being a mother?

CM: Spending time and creating memories with my children, seeing them happy and smile completes me, teaching them the skills they need in life, and showering them with love.

MM: Has your second child affected your first born?

CM: When I first gave birth to my second child, my whole family was affected because we had to adapt to a new addition and our new addition had to adapt to us. After about three weeks we had a plan in place that worked for us all as a complete family and has been doing great ever since!

MM: What is your biggest fear as a mother?

CM: My biggest fear as a mother is getting a phone call that something is wrong with my child.

MM: What advice would you give to a future mom?

CM: Everything gets better with time!

MM: How can our reader learn more about your company?


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