Bella Bath Bombs specializes in high-quality natural and organic bubbly bath bombs.  Their bath bombs contain the purest, finest and highest quality of ingredients from the oils, to the scents, to the handpicked flower petals. Jasmine Bush is the mastermind behind this amazing product and is taking bath bombs to a different level. It takes determination, strength and most importantly courage to step out on faith and make your dreams come true. Read below to find out more about Bella Bath Bombs, what inspired Jasmine to become a momtrepreneur, how her son inspires her worth ethic and drive.

Modish Mommies: Tell us about yourself.

Jasmine Bush: I am an Army Vet, Mother, and Entrepreneur with a love for natural organic bath products.

MM: What inspired you to become a momtrepreneur and start Bella Bath Bombs?

JB: I have always been a very creative person but was unable to express that through my jobs which were usually military related jobs (even after the military). I just always felt like it was more to life than working a normal 9-5 and my mind just works a little differently than the average person. The idea from Bella Bath Bombs came because I live in Waldorf, MD, and one day I just really wanted a bath bomb and the closest location to find them was Lush, which was a 45-minute drive away and from there the idea was sparked.

MM: How did you learn to make this type of product?

JB: I read a lot! Like a book every week, and also YouTube was very resourceful. Anything you want to find out or learn is in a book somewhere or from research on the internet from credible sources.

MM: What is unique about your business?

JB: I make affordable, natural, organic, bubbly bath bombs. A few bath bombs I have tried didn’t make the bubbles I would like, and were also expensive, and I do not add glitters or toxin items because ultimately you are bathing in this. Bella Bath Bombs are also the largest bath bombs on the market and contain inspirational uplifting quotes that will uplift your spirit and help change any negative mental outlooks on life.

MM: What are the benefits of bath bombs?

JB: Bath bombs are a wonderful way to enhance your bathing experience and add essential oils to your bath. These bath bombs also contain Epsom salt and aromatherapy essential oils that have different soothing effects for your skin and body.

MM: Did you face any challenge(s) starting your business? If so, how did you overcome them?

JB: I believe any small business owner will say money lol. Another obstacle I faced with starting this business is actually having the time to fully commit to this. With anything in life you get out what you put into it, so I actually quit my full-time job and began devoting all my time and energy into making this the company I know it can be. God is also the driving force behind all of this, being able to step out of faith and trust that you cannot fail with him behind you is a wonderful feeling, but with faith also comes hard work.

MM: How has being a mother inspired your work ethic and drive?

JB: My son is my motivation to make sure this doesn’t fail. Failure is not failure until you accept it as so. Any obstacle can be worked through, and if you feel like it cannot then you just need to refocus your thoughts onto the lesson God was trying to teach you from this.

MM: What advice would you give a future momtrepreneur trying to start their own business?

JB: Go for it! Don’t be scared! And make sure you plan out everything before you make any drastic life changes. I would like to add that before I quit my job I planned for this detail to detail, and even though it’s impossible to plan for everything you can cover a lot of those bases in order to get a good start and handle on everything.

MM: What can we expect from Bella Bath Bombs in the future?

JB: I am in the paperwork and designing phase of a mall kiosk that will be open next month. I am also looking to expand the products further than bath bombs.

MM: How can our readers connect with your business and learn more about your products?


Bella Bath Bombs Website