June Ambrose: #Rockmom

Last week my day was made when my favorite celebrity stylist June Ambrose reposted our Women’s History post on Instagram. Although it was just a repost, the fact that Modish Mommies came across her page and she chose us out of all people, I was truly flattered. That particular day I was doubting myself and the blog but when she reposted us, I was reassured that we are moving in the right direction. I must say it is truly amazing how the Lord works!! Moving on from my testimony lol, I’ve been following June Ambrose since forevaa (in my Cardi B voice). For those of you that don’t know about her, she’s a creative director, author, costume designer, celebrity stylist, and most importantly a #Rockmom . She has a limited edition sweatshirt line called OOH SNAP and its definitely poppin’. The #RockMom Diamond Hoodie sweatshirts are perfect for a multi-tasking mom with a multi-faceted life! You can wear the hoodie with jeans or a flirty skirt taking it from day to night. The #RockMom Bomb Crew neck sweatshirt is an explosion of chic for a dynamite mom! It’s for mommies that  juggle many duties like a pro, balance fabulousness and family while doing it effortlessly! June Ambrose lets it be known that moms can get the job done all while being fierce and fashion forward. If you haven’t done so already, head to her personal site to learn more about herself and checkout her exclusive sweatshirt line.

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