How to Balance Couple & Family Time

Saia’s dad and I have been in the same household for over three years now. Before we had Saia, we made sure that we found a balance in order to maintain a happy household. Of course, we have our good and bad days as a couple and parents, but we make the balance work to the best of our ability. It’s common for parents to neglect their relationship because they are so focused on raising their children. However, it’s important for couples to become aware of their relationship needs in order to effectively balance couple and family time. A balance will allow you to provide your child and significant other with the unconditional love that they need and deserve.  Here a few ways to maintain a loving relationship while raising your child:

  • Commit- make sure you and your significant other commit to the relationship in order to maintain a connection. This will make it easier for you all to maintain an intimate relationship and a strong bond.
  • Communicate-it’s simple communication is key! It’s imperative that couples talk openly to discuss conflicts and identify solutions.
  • Nurture Your Relationship-make time for your significant other, whether you are busy or not! Designate specific days for date night, a spa day or a romantic getaway, etc.
  • Spend Quality Time as a Family-In order for everyone to feel nurtured, spend quality time as a whole. Whether you plan a game night, go to the park or on vacation, this time is necessary and good for the family’s soul.
  • Show Appreciation-Appreciation and support goes a long way in relationships. Let your significant other and child know how much you love and appreciate them in a unique way. This will strengthen your relationship as parents and a couple!