Hot Mama: Phaedra Parks

This week I would like to take the time to highlight a Resilient Hot Mom Phaedra Parks.  Phaedra Parks become a reality star in the hit Bravo reality series “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” now in its ninth season and one of the network’s highest rated shows. Parks is also a successful attorney, businesswoman, media personality, motivational speaker, author and social activist. Phaedra Parks has two young boys Ayden and Dylan. On the Real Housewives of Atlanta Ms. Parks is often seen talking about how important is it for her to raise her sons to be strong black males in today’s society. Through her nonprofit organization Save Our Sons she works with communities nationwide on the importance of positive male role models in the lives of black boys. She has spent time with the families of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and others who have been victims of violence and unjustified killings. Parks is a regular fixture in Washington, D.C., where she works with members of Congress on implementing initiatives to provide opportunities for at-risk youth. Parks is also outspoken on civil rights issues and has gone to cities from Selma, Alabama to Flint, Michigan to fight social injustices.

Recently Ms. Parks was faced with great adversity splitting from her longtime husband Apollo Nida. Apollo is currently serving an eight-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to bank fraud and identity theft in May 2014. When asked about how she deals with being a single parent, Parks responded “It’s nothing you can ever effectively plan for because you don’t know what a child will require when something like that happens.” Phaedra has taken measures to ensure that her children remain as happy and healthy as possible during this difficult time. “Like any other parent, I decided that I would send them to therapy,” Phaedra said. “When Apollo left, Dylan was only one year old right after his first birthday, so he didn’t have the actual connection that Ayden had because obviously Ayden is six now, so he was very aware of what was going on. “They’re doing fine,” Phaedra shared. “It’s been a process, but they’re doing fine.”

I would like to challenge all moms to be resilient when met with adversity in life and remember:

“Be Strong Be Beautiful Be You”

Check out this clip from an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta where Ayden Brings Phaedra to Tears

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