Michelle Obama: She Came, She Saw, She Conquered

Michelle Obama: A Lawyer. A writer. The  wife of the 44th President of the United States. The mother of two daughters (Malia and Sasha Obama). The First African American First Lady.

Last week, we posted a snippet of Michelle Obama’s heartfelt farewell to the nation on our Instagram,. As I watched it, I began to tear up as well, because to me she was more than just the President’s wife. She, along with her family, symbolizes change. America has never experienced anything like this before in history.

Although we have had role models who were women of color prior to Michelle Obama, she brought a new light once she entered the office. She is someone who is of our time and who is very personable. Michelle is also someone who we can easily identify and connect with, even if we may have never actually met her.

Being the President’s wife, Michelle is the perfect complement to Barack. Throughout his presidency, Michelle never battled for the spotlight, nor did she try to compete with Obama. Rather she matched his greatness, by providing her own spin to national and world issues. Not only has Michelle continued to raise her two daughters as respectable young women, she has also been involved in major efforts that has helped many Americans across the country.

Unfortunately Mrs. Obama is no stranger to criticism. There are indeed, people who dislike her, criticize her work and insult her. However, she fares well with this negative feedback by maintaining her poise and striving to do better.

While in office, Michelle offered America a different view of the “African American Women.” Although stylish and beautiful, Michelle Obama means business. She breaks down social barriers that stigmatize many Black Women.  Educated, Dignified, Charismatic, Determined, Great Mom, Wonderful Wife, Self-less, Charitable, Kind, and Loving, are some of the traits she embodies. It truly must be hard, living under the microscope of the world but her image has never been tainted – a true role model.

One of the great things, Michelle brought to the world was awareness – awareness to some of our most hidden problems (which include childhood obesity, forgotten veterans and service members, uninspired students, and adolescent female education). Furthermore she created initiatives and worked to reduce the effect of these ongoing issues.

A brief look back on her last eight years:

“Through her four main initiatives, she has become a role model for women and an advocate for healthy families, service members and their families, higher education, and international adolescent girls’ education.” (Whitehouse.gov)

The initiatives:

Let’s Move: This program is to combat childhood obesity by promoting healthy eating and fun exercise. Through the Hunger Free Kids Act, she helped modernize school nutrition standards, which have not been updated in 15 years, as well as increase funding – which has not been done in 30. Wow!  In addition, she promoted active lifestyles by engaging cities and elected officials all over the country. She, along with the White house hosted challenges and dinners that were interactive and open to many.  Michelle even partnered with Beyonce, to reach the youth at a greater speed. 

Joining Forces: This initiative helps combat homelessness and unemployment for Veterans and Service Members.  Americans are called to gather and help out those who have served, so that the military community and their families can continue to succeed throughout their life. This assists with bridging the gap between those who served and the public. Joining Forces also focuses on mental health and overall wellness for veterans and service members. 

Reach Higher: This program encourages students to think about their future and promotes receiving a college education. This initiative includes Financial Aid timing and resources, better tools to make College Choices, College Opportunity Summits, Beating the Odds Summit, the Support of College Counselors, and elevating National College Signing Day. What a way to strengthen our youth and to encourage them to be the best they can be! Go Michelle!

Let Girls Learn: This initiative helps with adolescent girls around the world. Globally, adolescent girls are not receiving quality education and with the help of many different agencies and organizations such as the Department of State, the Peace Corps, and PEPFAR, Michelle is increasing the amount of education opportunities for young girls around the world. This can ultimately lead to better success for females, worldwide. 

This is not all she has accomplished, however, this is some of what she has contributed to our country and to the world for the past 8 years.

Michelle Obama you are a Modish Mommy! Not only will we miss you, but we will miss your family and what you guys represented to America – which was “Hope”.

Discussion: How are you doing your part in the World (or nation, or even within your own community), while being a Modish Mommy?

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