Holiday Gift Ideas for a Teacher

Teachers play an important role in our children’s lives and deserve a thoughtful gift during the holiday season. Last year I honestly forgot to give Saia’s teacher a gift, so I want to make sure I give her something special that she can actually enjoy this time around. If you’re looking for some creative, easy and affordable gift ideas for a teacher, I got you covered-check out my top five gift list below:

Personalized Notebook 

Vistaprint has a variety of notebook designs that you can personalize for a special gift. You can always add stationary cards or even custom pens.
Prices start at $14.30

Amazon Gift Card

I mean who doesn’t love amazon! A teacher can get just about anything they need whether its personal or for the kids! Money towards the cart balance is always a blessing!

Self -Care Kit

A wonderful way to pamper someone special!

Teacher Charm Bangle

“With creativity and determination, teachers open minds, change lives, and light the way for their students. They impart one of the most precious gifts of all: knowledge. Honor these dedicated spirits with pride” with a meaningful bracelet by Alex and Ani.

Custom Teacher Shirt

Perfect gift to show your child’s teacher your appreciation!

Keep in mind, the ultimate goal is to think outside of the box and stay away from the usual gifts like a coffee mug or a box of chocolates. It’s a blessing to have someone to look after our children and keep them safe and nurtured while we are working hard to give them the best childhood they can possibly have. I enjoy this time of the year because it reassures teachers or daycare providers that their hard work and dedication isn’t unnoticed!