Healthy Living

Saia’s dad and I always tried to implement healthy eating habits in our home but we could never stick to it. Before I had Saia, I just knew my child would eat organic everything and never eat fast food (except for Chick-Fil-A lol) but some days McDonald’s ended up being our only option. Recently, I noticed that she was constantly asking me to eat McDonald’s even on days when I cooked a home cooked meal. I began to feel guilty as a parent because I never wanted my child to become accustomed to eating fast food because it was convenient for me. This situation really motivated us to start living a healthy lifestyle and we decided to transition into a vegetarian household.

Remember the quote “you are what you eat” it’s true! It’s important for parents to eat clean so your health and life won’t be at stake because you have a family to look after! Many people don’t eat clean foods because they simply don’t know and haven’t been educated about clean eating. Processed foods are extremely high in sugar which can cause obesity, diabetes, heart disease and so much more. They are low in nutrients, fiber and can even be addicting.  However, studies show that not all processed foods are bad but it’s important to read the nutrition labels and research what’s in the food products that you are eating.

Becoming a vegetarian was actually easier for me than I expected. I have more energy and I actually feel lighter. But it was a little more challenging for Saia because she’s a toddler. It’s important to make sure that your toddler is getting all the nutrients and protein that they need. If you have been following Modish Mommies for a while now then you know I like simple and quick meals. But I’ve actually been enjoying coming up with new recipes for my household. Here are a few dishes I’ve come up with for Saia:


Vegan banana pancakes, green smoothie bowls or an English muffin egg sandwich with avocado, tomatoes, and eggs.


Saia favorite food for dinner is quesadillas so I added avocado and pinto beans with the cheese and she loved it.  She also enjoys chicken alfredo, so I made whole grain cauliflower alfredo instead with a green vegetable on the side.


I’ll give her a whole grain muffin with a side of fruit, celery and peanut butter or hummus with pita or veggies.

There are so many healthy diets to try without becoming vegetarian. It’s important that you become health conscious and find out what works best for you and your family, in order to live a healthy life. Whatever healthy choices you decide to make, remember if you put your mind to it you can do it! If you need support or want to connect to share recipes or advice, feel free to DM me on Instagram @SineadMonique.