Get Fit Without a Gym Membership

I have been struggling with reaching my fitness goals for quite some time now. Although I did get my diet in order, for the most part, this baby weight will not come off unless I put in some work! Deep down inside I would prefer to fly to Miami and get a makeover, but I promised myself that I would at least try to work these pounds off. Hard work and consistency lead to results and honestly, I just haven’t been consistent. Adding the gym to my schedule is easy but actually going is a different story. Going to the gym is cool but not my favorite thing to do, in order for me to be consistent I have to do activities that keep me pumped up and ready for more. I finally decided to cut the bullshit and find alternative to the gym that will actually get me motivated to workout.

Kickboxing is a high energy workout that will allow you to relieve stress, burn calories, tone your entire body and teach you self-defense moves all at one time. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it and can’t wait to try it!

Cycling is a full body workout that builds muscle, strengthens your lungs and will have your adrenaline rushing!

Water Aerobics can be intense but has a low impact on your body because you feel lighter in the water. It’s great for strength training and fat burning. If you have an injury, you should definitely try a class.

Boot Camp will surround you a supportive team that will motivate you to complete intense full body workouts. Studies show that boot camp programs are very effective and will help you lose weight, increase endurance and improve your overall coordination and balance.

Dance Workout Classes will allow you to move your body in ways it’s not used to. Whether you do a pole dancing, Zumba or line dancing class it will be fun and get your heart rate pumping.

No matter what your workout preference is, there is activity for everybody. I know the mom life can be hectic, but we have to eliminate excuses out of our lives in order to live our best life. It’s important that we take time out for ourselves to eat good and exercise. Let’s put our minds to it and just do it Modish Mommies! Like always I will keep you posted on my journey and please do the same, let’s get it!