Draya Michele Launches Beige & Coco

Beige & Coco

From entertainment to the fashion industry, Draya Michele has definitely switched her game up!  I must say she has taken her brand to a higher level and is now evolving into a fashion guru.  So not only is she dominating the swim suit world, she is about to take fashion industry by storm. Recently, Draya Michele announced the release of her new line Beige & Coco.  This collection was created to showcase her modish design skills but also highlight her personal growth.  It represents the modern day woman who can turn a professional look into a glamour night out. Most importantly, she is providing an upscale and trendy look at an affordable price. For someone who recently had baby number two, Draya Michele is still about her business and is definitely putting on for the Mom Bosses. Keep doing your thing Draya Michele, we see you girl!

What do you think about Beige & Coco? Let us know in the comments below.

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