How to Balance Your Career & Motherhood

Friends and family consistently ask me how do I balance my career, social life, and side hustle as a first time mommy! My first response is hell if I know I truly just take it day by day but most importantly it wouldn’t be possible without my boyfriend, family and friends. When I tell you it takes a village it really does and we are blessed to have one! Today I want to highlight some gems that allow me to get through my hectic life with some ease:

  1. Plan Ahead: I know things come up unexpectedly but for the most part I have to utilize nightly routines to give me more time in the morning especially to sleep in. For example, outfits are picked out the night before for my daughter and I. I also back her diaper bag for the week and leave it at the sitter’s house so that’s one less thing I have to worry about throughout the week.
  2. Be Organized and Disciplined: I am a victim of mommy brain, if I don’t put it in my calendar or planner it will not happen! I have a planner for my bills, business, and personal life. They remain in my purse daily and go everywhere I go to keep me on the right track!
  3. Quality Childcare: My daughter is very fortunate to be able to go to her great grandmother’s house while my boyfriend and I work. It definitely is a weight lifted off our shoulders because we don’t have to stress about her well-being while we are grinding. However, if you don’t have a family member to watch your child it’s important to find a childcare provider or facility that exceeds your expectations and puts your mind at ease.
  4. Stay Connected: Anytime I get a break I call my boyfriend to see how his day is going and of course I check on my daughter to see what she is up to throughout the day. Staying connected with them motivates me to push through and stay motivated especially on my down days.
  5. Value Your Time: Prioritize, be proactive, limit your time on the phone or watching TV, and focus on work at work!!
  6. Vacation and Family Time is a MUST!
  7. Date Night: Your partner was there before the kid(s)! Although our children come first it’s important to show our partner some love and stay connected with them on a daily basis.
  8. Me Time: It’s so necessary to take some time out for yourself. So do that by exercising, getting a massage or facial, having a girls night, traveling, etc.


Although we all handle motherhood, life and work differently, these gems should help you to get on the right track to find your flow and start living with a little more ease!