5 Apps That Make #MomLife Easier

Yes, I’m a tech junkie and I rely on my phone for everything. Surprisingly, it has helped make my life a little easier as a mom. From staying organized to grocery shopping, I’ve found an app to help do almost everything. I want to share a few of my favorite apps that I use on a regular basis: 

Everyone hates grocery shopping, especially when you have to drag the kids along. Shipt is one of the few grocery delivery apps that lets you shop from the comfort of your home and have your groceries deliver directly to your door. Shipt has free delivery on orders over $35 and you can schedule delivery for when it’s most convenient. I often order my groceries on my lunch break and have them scheduled to be delivered around the time I get home in the evening.

Remember the Milk
Do laundry. Call the pediatrician. Get nails done. We all have a long list of tasks but when life is hectic we tend to forget what needs to be done. Remember the Milk is a simple app that lets you write down your tasks. You can set due dates, tag them to different categories, make them recurring, share with others and more. This app helps me stay productive and on top of the tasks that need to get done throughout the week.

Self-care is a must! I use Productive to set alerts on activities that I want to turn into habits; like drinking water or exercising. The app comes with tons of suggested habits that you can set alerts for or you can create on your own. Track your stats and see how well you are keeping up with your habits. I get such gratification when I am able to see all the things I’ve made time for myself. 

Insight Timer
Life is stressful so we need to make time and focus on our mental health. One great way to do that is to make time for meditation. This app hosts thousands of guided meditations, talks, music and sounds to help you become a more mindful mama! There is also an option to just use their meditation timer if you do not want to listen to a guided meditation. I have a few favorite meditations on this app to help me get to sleep or calm down during a stressful moment. 

Single moms know that it’s hard managing a co-parent situation. Appclose helps co-parents work together to make life a little easier. You can set parenting schedules, share medical and childcare information, and request reimbursements for expenses and even pay each other directly though the app. Co-parenting can be difficult but this app takes a lot stress off of me so that I can focus on being a super mom!