4 Tips to Boost Your Energy Levels

On February 15th to be exact Saia’s dad was ran over by a car while he was on vacation in New Orleans (NO). Since the horrific accident, I had to step up and play the role of both parents. In the beginning, it was rough because the love of my life was in the hospital in New Orleans for at least a month because his injuries were so severe. This required me to take care of Saia during the week and travel to the NO on the weekends. Once we were able to get him transferred to the DMV, I thought it would get easier but it actually got harder. Because I had to go to work, pickup Saia from daycare, cook dinner and then go to the rehabilitation center which was an hour away from our home. My day and nights began to feel longer and I saw my energy decrease tremendously. During this difficult time, I had to find ways to get my energy levels up because I felt myself becoming mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally drained. Below are four tips that helped me boost my energy:

  • Make breakfast a priority! I made sure that I included protein to stay full longer to give me that extra boost for my morning duties.
  • Stay hydrated! Research shows that drinking water keeps your memory sharp, your mood stable and your motivation intact.
  • Recharge and take a nap- during my lunch break, I made sure I took a nap because I knew when I got off I had to go into full mommy mode.
  • Walk It Out-my schedule was so tight, I was unable to go to the gym. So I did evening walks with Saia if the weather permitted or did at home exercises with her. This helped me gain the energy I needed to cook dinner and get Saia ready for the next day.

After incorporating these little changes in my daily routine, I actually began to see a change in my energy levels and most importantly my attitude. This allowed me to see better days during this rough period of my life and stay on top of my motherly duties! Feel free to share how you stay powered up throughout the day!