Schools Out-How to Stay Productive During Summer Break

Every year around this time, I’m sure we all think to ourselves-damn time flew. Whelp-Mommies as you know summer break is vastly approaching. If you were in denial like us, realistically it’s time to get things in order for summer. Instead of allowing the kids to work our nerves, consume too much junk food and run the house wild-we are going to make this a productive summer for everybody in the family!

For Mommy

Take a Break

We know the grind is real as a mompreneur. But take a break and enjoy some quality time with the family and remember to schedule one on one with each child if you have multiple. Whether it means waking up a little earlier to complete your to-do list or blocking your schedule-just do it. Embrace the moment and make memories! And if you can get a trip in with your girls, make it happen!

Upgrade Your Working Environment

Over time your working space can get hectic. Clean your area out and get it organized. Make sure everything is up to date and spruce your environment up a bit. Add some new décor, get some new office supplies or even upgrade your computer-you deserve it!


The way our lives are set up, when do you have time to read? But take the time out this summer to at least read a book or two. Create a schedule that will allow you to read on a daily basis in the summer. Read consciously, deliberately, and most importantly read to learn!

Deep Clean The House

Whether we like it or not, the house deserves a good deep cleaning. If you have the funds to get a maid do it but if not make it happen. Gather the kiddos and create a strategic plan to remove unnecessary items, giveaway clothes and get them baseboards. You will be satisfied afterward!

Reconnect with FAMILY

Connect with your cousins, aunts, and uncles who you haven’t seen in a while. Allow your children to meet the family they haven’t met before or hang with their cousins who live in other states. This will allow you and your children to learn family history and unite with their non-local loved ones.

For Kids


It’s all about giving back. Setup a day for your family to volunteer to help others in need. This is a great way to mold your child’s character into something extraordinary!

Example: Food Bank, Church, Non-profit organization

Enrich Their Little Minds

Although school is out, allow your summer activities to stimulate your child’s mind. Make time for reading and take advantage of the free activities at the library, checkout the museums, local plays and other attractions in your city.

Keep Track of the Memories

Have your child write a blog or journal about their summer journey and experiences. Take photos and embrace every moment together. This will allow you and the kids to have something to look back on and reminisce about the good ol’ days!

Teach Em’ How to SAVE & Hustle!

Mommies whether you are still learning how to save or have grasped the concept-teach your child how to become financially savvy. Let them know the importance of money (emergency fund, investments, college, etc.), provide them with a savings strategy and let them know the satisfaction they will have in the long run from saving now! Instill the hustle mentality in them as well- have them sell lemonade to the neighborhood or even do a car wash or yard sale!

Eat Outside The Box

Teach your children about where food comes from and the importance of eating healthy. We know your schedule can get crazy but spruce of the food menu and try different foods and embrace different cultures. And if your children are old enough teach them how to make nutritious/healthy snacks or meals that they can make during the next school year.